War graves record keeping

The information on war graves is collected according to the law.

The war grave record includes data on the war grave, if known.

These data are especially the:

  1. name, or as the case may be the names, family names, rank, citizenship, nationality, date of birth, date and place and the cause of death of the person or persons, whose remains are buried in the war grave, or the person the war grave concerns,
  2. name of the state, municipality or military domain, cadastral area and lot number, the No. of the real estate alternatively, where the war grave is located
  3. the historical event in connection with the war grave, character and short description of the war grave appearance including photographs,
  4. name of the war grave owner and the real estate owner, where the war grave is located.

The war graves recording is by its character above all a database of all war graves on the territory of the Czech Republic and the Czech war graves abroad.

If the records include apart from data on the war graves also include data on persons buried in the war graves, or persons reminded at commemorative sites, than these registered data can be searched for, sorted and looked through.

The war graves recording is still an unclosed process and each interested person may participate in it. A contact to a person responsible for updating the published information is a part of data on the currently shown war grave.

The war graves records can be entered via the reference "War graves record keeping" on the left screen panel.

Data on war graves in the Czech Republic "Searching WG in the CR" (Hledání VH v ČR)and Czech war graves abroad "Searching WG abroad" (Hledání VH v zahraničí) are available in the records.

The data may be searched according to the data on persons buried in the war graves or reminded at commemorative sites tab - "Searching after personnel data" (Hledání podle osobních údajů) and according to the data on war graves tab - "Searching after WG data" (Hledání podle údajů o VH).

To display all war graves in the country using a map use the "WG location map" (Mapa lokalit VH). To display the individual war graves in the CR using this reference in a chosen area the use of the zoom is necessary (larger map detail). The war graves abroad are displayed in the map in the basic view, too.

By a click to the war grave symbol on the map other related information appear.

The display on a map (if GPS data are known), related photos and the e-mail contact to the person responsible for the correctness and completeness of displayed data is a part of the information on the war grave.